How it Works



Fill the form
To get started, you would first complete the form. Then you would be mailed a catalog (if you choose) and even a unique website to start selling.

Use a Unique Design
Use our designs to make money for your project, party, event, company or organization. With no hidden charges or inventory requirements, your campaign is entirely cost-free to operate.

Choose a price and Target
Decide on how much you want your Tees to be sold and think of how many you can sell within a set time.

Get Traffic
Spread the good news of your customized T-shirts through word of mouth, social media, email and other platforms and watch your campaign grow. You will be given the tools and step by step guidance to succeed. Who knows, you may just surpass your target!!

Earn profits
There’s no limit to how much you can make from this platform! Once you make a sale, you will receive 30-50% of the sale price.